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Electric Injection Machine


Electric Injection Machine

Electric Injection Machine

Our products are widely used in electronics, telecommunications, automobiles, household appliances and other fields. ACTP injection workshop specialize in the production of high precision injection molding products, our customers are mainly well-known international companies, such as: GM, GE, TOSHIBA, HISENSE. We have 50-1000 tons of different models of 200 injection molding machines, thermoforming advanced and mature technology, all of these enable us to produce a wide range of products used in various industrial fields. The main raw materials include ABS, PA, PC, PS, PBT, PVC, PP, PPO, PPR, POM, PPS, PET and so on. With supporting the ultrasonic soldering, the spin welding machine. They not only can complete a variety of injection molded parts seamless assembly but also provide modified plastic particles, mold development, injection molding, assembly and a series of value-added services, such as surface treatment, printing and so on. Excellent quality, competitive prices, perfect service has won praise from our customers and we already have a mature and stable overseas markets.

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